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Published: May 11, 2012

Ever fancied having a go at rallying either driving or co-driving, The buzz of racing along tight back roads.... Read more on where to start!

Want to know how you can take part (driver OR navigator) in a closed road rally in the IOM (and maybe even the UK!)? Want to know the typical costs etc….read on

Firstly to be able to compete you will need the following:

  • A suitable rally car (see the article on ‘how to build a rally car)
  • Suitable personal safety Equipment- Flame proof overalls (prices start from £80) & Helmet (prices start from £50)
  • A suitable Rally Licence (prices from £35 for renewal) + A full road licence (Drivers only).

    1. Firstly the car, this needs to be in good condition as it will be scrutineered prior to the rally to check its suitability for rallying (see the article on ‘how to build a rally car’)

    1. Personal safety equipment, These need to be FIA approved (ask upon ordering), you cannot use karting/mechanics/pit crew suits etc. This type of kit you buy is dependant upon your budget, Prices start from £80 for a flame proof suit & £50 for a helmet, Both are COMPULSARY & are checked prior to each event. Gloves, shoes, sweat hats, etc are all your own choice if you choose to use them.

    1. This is probably the most important section, IF you are only wanting to be a co-driver then all you simply need to do is order a licence (Rally National A Navigator) from ‘www.msauk.org’ – these are currently £33 as or 2006.

      If you would like to be the driver then you will need a rally licence (Rally National B Stage). In order to get a licence you will first need to buy a ‘Rally pack’- available from most good motor stores- or www.MSAUK.org This pack includes a short safety video, a rally information book & a licence application form. Once you have read the book & watched the video your ready for your ‘BARS Course’.

BARS courses are held frequently on the Isle of Man (see www.manxautosport.co.uk for more details) OR you could choose to attend a rally school in the UK. The courses typically cost in the region of £190 & will include a multiple choice written test & a short driving test (don’t worry- they are only to make sure you know your common sense & can control a vehicle- if you have a full drivers licence you will have no problems!).

Once you have completed the course & had your licence application form signed, your ready to send away for you licence (remember, licences can take up to 6 weeks to arrive) you will need a ‘rally national B stage’ (currently £35 as of 2006).

Now your ready to enter a rally!!

Typically a rally with 15-20 stages will cost in the region of £200 (larger events like the trophy etc may cost more). The price includes all stickers, maps, details, road books etc… Other things you will need will be ‘insurance cover’ you will need insurance for the road sections of the event + cover for the closed sections (in-case you crash & damage personal property)- (this typically costs £25 for the event) FUEL- average fuel used is around £70-100

Summary of typical costs for a driver..

Fire proof overalls -£80+

Helmet - £50+

Rally starter pack - £30.

BARS Course - £190.

Licence - £35.

Insurance - £25 (in addition to your standard road insurance)

Entry Fee – £200

Fuel - £70 +

It is an expensive sport but well worth the costs!